Who is Fishuals?
Hello! My name is Patricia Hooning and I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I design surface patterns, make illustrations and graphic designs. As a little girl, I was always drawing and making little books of my drawings. After graduating as a Graphic Designer in Amsterdam I kept up with all developments and changes within the graphic industry and worked as a graphic designer for 20 years. But what really makes my heart beat faster is making illustrations and turning them into patterns for products. And that’s what I do now!
Eye for details
I specialize both in traditional and digital techniques. I like mixing both techniques, which gives my artwork a distinct & quirky style. I love to create visuals with a silly and irresistible feel to them, but I also make grown-up, colorful surface designs with fine details.

It's all in the name
Why have I called my company Fishuals? Well, I started making many illustrations with fish in them. Have you seen them? Cute, aren't they? You could almost cuddle them without getting wet. And they won't bite! So making these fishy visuals led to the name: Fishuals!

Hustle and puzzle
My skills as a graphic designer and my love for illustrating are very useful when making technical repeated patterns. Sometimes it' s like a big jigsaw puzzle: starting with this process and not knowing what the result will look like. But I always hope to finish a design with a good flow, some happiness in it with a unique feeling and a big smile on my face. That’s when I know my design is ready for the market!

What goes up, must go down
When I am not beautifying the world, you can find me somewhere on an MTB-trail in The Netherlands with my red bike (with husband and daughter), playing chess with my daughter (unfortunately I can’t beat her anymore) or enjoying a good glass of red wine. Cheers!​​​​​​​
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